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Thanks for stopping by and checking out what’s happening in my sexy world of make-believe. I write novels that include various ways in which people find the love (or loves) of their life. Whether it’s a fairytale re-imagining, or a new take on an old trope, I’m in love with the romance genre and try to promote it as much as possible. My personal work is romantic, explicit, and written for adults, so don’t be surprised if the language suddenly pops out in your face. ‘Cause it will. But ultimately, I want to spread the joy I feel when I read romance so others can experience it, too.

So feel free to contact me with questions or comment on any of the posts on this site, but please remember this is a safe, inclusive space for everyone. Love is love. I don’t see the difference in a loving relationship that may include a man, a woman, a non-binary person, a same-sex partnership, a hetero-partnership, multiple partners, or anything else in between.

I encourage you to have fun exploring :) Be respectful and kind, and above all else, enjoy yourself!




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