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Blog Challenge Week #3: Binge Worthy Television

I know, I know. This is probably the millionth blog who’s tackled this topic, but seriously, its such a blog-worthy topic. And with streaming channels like Netflix…or Hulu…or Prime, we can literally watch more shows than ever before.

So, what are my favorite binge-worthy shows? Well, there are more shows than I care to admit, but here are my top, favorite, most watched, um….here are five t.v. shows:


#5 Outlander


For a romance writer, Outlander really just has it all. Action. Check. Adventure. Check. A strong heroine. Check. A hunky and compassionate hero. Check. A villain that makes you cringe. Check. An actor that plays the villain and also plays a good guy in the future and confuses my heart and makes me have all these feels???? Check.

#4 Supernatural


This is sort of my campy go-to. It’s silly and fun, but has moments of real emotion. But, my favorite part of this series is how these two brothers keep making the same mistake over and over and over. They are so terribly flawed, it breaks my heart. But their relatability to humankind is overwhleming (we’ve all known those people who just don’t learn), and the writing blends just enough humor so that it’s not depressing.

#3 Absolutely Fabulous


Love. This. These are two of the most offensive, raucous females to grace television, and my God, I love them. We’ve all been there, ladies. Those days when you just want say f*#k it and wish we could do whatever we want. Welcome to AbFab. It’s nice to escape to Edina and Patsy who, for all intents and purposes, are the lush & fashionable embodiment of the seven deadly sins. And, boy can they make you laugh.

#2 Sherlock


I’m really not a huge fan of crime/drama/mystery. Unless, of course, you move it to a different century. As expected, Sherlock is fabulous…witty, shrewd, misunderstood. But, it’s really the dynamic between Sherlock and Watson that makes this a rewatchable show for me.

#1 Penny Dreadful

Penny Dreadful

There is nothing I can say about this show that would every do it justice. Funny, how it’s also a period piece. I guess I do have a “taste.” This show is, by far, one of the most gorgeous examples of writing I have experienced on television with its complex characters, thick and tangled plots. It’s a bit gortesque, so watch out, but the dialogue is nothing short of poetic and the range of emotions full and vast. I was heartbroken when this ended.

So, now you have a bit of my favorites. What’s on your list? Leave a comment, I’d love to find another gem to watch!

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