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Movin On Up

This past week has been quite the experience for me. I received the ARCs for RED, I’ve received my author account at the publishing company, and I’m beginning to prepare media packets to send out to reviewers.

Oh, and did I mention that RED is now sitting at #26 on the Bookstrand Bestsellers list for ménage titles? And, at #62 overall? Somebody pinch me, this is too surreal!

Each day I wake up to discover my dreams becoming reality. And, the book hasn’t even released yet. Nope, we’re still in the pre-order phase. But, it’s getting closer. Day by day, my stomach is all aflutter with butterflies, and now, as I type this there are only four, yes FOUR, days until the release of my debut novel.

I really don’t know how I’m gonna contain all this energy.

Because in four days, my first dream will come true. I will be a published author of a bestselling book. How did I get this lucky?

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve put in my time. I’ve missed dinners and events and gotten into arguments and skipped sleep and worked numerous jobs and confronted a myriad of other things to support my writing habit. But still, even I know that it doesn’t always matter how hard you work in this industry. To be represented by a publishing company also takes a bit of good timing and a dash of luck.

I’m so grateful that everything has lined up for me this time. RED will be released and I’ll be enjoying a glass of wine in celebration of the first of many (fingers crossed) novels to be published.


Pre-order at 10% discount:

About the book:

The handsome and dashing Calen “Red” Reddington is ready for love, and Celeste Wolfe is just the woman he needs. Enraptured by her, Calen will do anything to have her and give up everything to be by her side. But just how much will he sacrifice for his deepest desires?

Being a modern day shape-shifter isn’t easy. Despite a dominating physical prowess, Zev Reynolds is alone. He longs to find the one with whom he can share his secret: his true mate. But who? His best friend? His best friend’s lover? As Zev struggles for balance between loyalty and desire, his animal struggles to remain hidden.

Celeste Wolfe is an outsider; fiercely independent and strong. Then fate tosses her into the midst of Greek life. Drawn to both Calen and Zev, something supernatural inside her ignites. Celeste discovers a part of herself she never knew existed and realizes choosing between the two may be the one thing that breaks her.

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