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Today, my book baby has finally arrived and I cannot believe it has actually happened. When I embarked on this journey, I had a dream of becoming a published author, and as I meandered my way through various adventures and obstacles, I dreamed of one day working with Siren Publishing.

And, now? Oh, my, Lord. It actually happened. Somebody pinch me!

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I know I’ve been talking about it A LOT this past week, but I just can’t believe my dream is becoming a reality. And, I get to share it with the world! And what a release day it’s turning out to be. Inspired by Little Red Riding Hood, RED is a contemporary fantasy with an MMF romance and an HEA for all! It is currently sitting at #18 on the Bookstrand Bestseller List for Ménage titles & available for download. The best part? You can get it at 10% discount!


ABOUT THE BOOK: The handsome and dashing Calen “Red” Reddington is ready for love, and Celeste Wolfe is just the woman he needs. Enraptured by her, Calen will do anything to have her and give up everything to be by her side. But just how much will he sacrifice for his deepest desires?

Being a modern day shape-shifter isn’t easy. Despite a dominating physical prowess, Zev Reynolds is alone. He longs to find the one with whom he can share his secret: his true mate. But who? His best friend? His best friend’s lover? As Zev struggles for balance between loyalty and desire, his animal struggles to remain hidden.

Celeste Wolfe is an outsider; fiercely independent and strong. Then fate tosses her into the midst of Greek life. Drawn to both Calen and Zev, something supernatural inside her ignites. Celeste discovers a part of herself she never knew existed and realizes choosing between the two may be the one thing that breaks her.

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