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ZONE OF ACTION is Action Packed!

This month brings so many amazing releases that I seriously cannot wait for. One of these books is ZONE OF ACTION by Cathy Skendrovich. If you haven't heard about this one, hold on to your panties, ladies, 'cause this is one you're not gonna want to miss! But don't just take my word for it, here are what others are saying....

“Wow! Hold on tight - this is a fast moving book with lots of action and romance! ~ Linda Quick, Goodreads

“It's totally worth all 5 stars and then some more.” ~ Teresa, Goodreads

“Zone of Action is a fast paced, action packed romance that will grab you and make you devour it!” ~ Sue, Goodreads


Okay, let's get into this. First things first, the cover. Holy cow! I didn't even realize side abs were my thing until this cover.

And now for the nitty gritty....



Former terror cell expert Audrey Jenkins has seen enough death and destruction to last a lifetime. When she uncovers her ex, Brett, a higher-ranking officer in her unit, selling military secrets, she turns him in and returns to the simpler life she has embraced since leaving the army.

CID Special Agent Cam Harris is a career military man with a strong sense of duty. When a military prisoner who once saved his life in Afghanistan escapes while in his custody, he requests the assignment to track him down.

Cam's manhunt leads him to Audrey's door. His prisoner—her ex—will resurface here, he’s sure of it. The feisty woman wants nothing to do with hunting down her ex, but when a terror cell she’s all-too-familiar with launches a deadly attack on army intelligence soldiers and officers, she knows it’s Brett.

Helping Cam is the right thing to do. But the attraction burning between them may be the mistake that gets her and Cam killed...



“Ambush!” Cameron yelled, lunging toward the two informants. Both men ran in different directions, a planned escape maneuver for sure. While Brett pulled his pistol, Cameron scrambled to the side, firing off rounds toward where the initial attack came from.

More machine gun fire erupted, this time from Jimenez on the Hummer’s turret. Return fire popped from the top of a rattletrap jeep barreling down the alley. They were surrounded, all avenues of escape blocked.

This wasn’t how it was supposed to go down. He and Brett had planned this right to the time of day when most people were inside because of the heat. All Brett’s intel had corroborated what he believed: that these two informants were legit. Well, that sure as shit wasn’t true.

Cameron’s heartbeat drummed in his ears, a countdown to their slaughter. Each inhale through his mouth was harsher than the last as he tried to come up with a getaway plan from this shit-show. They were fish in a barrel, waiting to be picked off unless they thought of something. While they had plenty of rounds between the four of them, these guys, being arms dealers, had an unending supply.

“Take out the jeep!” Brett shouted to Jimenez, who crouched behind the turret, doing exactly what Brett yelled. Spent cartridges flew like Pez as he riddled the oncoming attackers with the Humvee’s .50 cal. And still gunfire peppered them from above.

Cameron squinted upwards, the glint from the lowering sun blinding him. Periodic muzzle flashes had him pinpointing their attackers’ location, and he returned fire. He was rewarded with muffled screams as his bullets found their mark.

A strangled cry from the Humvee whipped his head around. Jimenez was slumped over the .50 cal. Ross clambered over the driver’s seat, dragging Jimenez down from the gun.

Cameron had no idea if their comrade was dead or wounded, but the sight of his limp body plus Ross’s panic-laced obscenities sent a cold wave of fury through him.

“Brett, Jimenez is hit,” he shouted. Brett squatted in a doorway to Cameron’s left, trying his best to peck off the bastards in the jeep. It was parked crosswise, blocking escape from the alleyway, and its occupants returned fire. Their objective was plain: annihilate the U.S. soldiers.

The .50 cal erupted into life again, this time with Ross at the helm. He was out for vengeance, the way he was riddling the ambushers’ jeep. There was no way they were going down without taking the bastards with them. Defeat wasn’t an option. Like hell if Cameron was going to let them have their severed heads for mementoes.





Lover of dogs, reading, and the outdoors, Cathy Skendrovich looks for story ideas in everything she does. Recently she moved to Star, Idaho, with her real-life hero, and now they enjoy living overlooking a pond. Her favorite genre to write is romantic suspense, though she’s also dabbled in historical romance. Her fifth book, Zone of Action, blends her love of suspense with the military. Her younger son, who’s currently in the army, has stopped taking her calls because of all the research questions she asks him. Seriously.

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