TongueTied Review Policy

General Information

Tongue-Tied Reviews is my way of giving back to the romance community. As a romance writer pushing boundaries in content, I'm here for all your out-of-control decadent romances. I'll publish reviews on a weekly basis, with an occasional author interview every now and then. I accept both traditionally and self-published authors of novella (up to 49K) and novel length (50K-90K) works. Exceptions for longer works may be made if I'm super engaged with the premise.

What I'm Reviewing

**Adult categorical romances only**


Which means if your book does not have an HEA or HFN, I will not accept it for review. I'm not here to argue this point. Please abide by this basic qualification. 


Also, as a creative, I understand the importance of freedom of expression and artistic vision. And while I support the romance novel and kink community, the following subjects are my personal hard limits and I will not review books that contain this content. Those limits are: pedophilia, incest (with the exception of consenting adult step family), bestiality, necrophilia, rape presented in a positive light, significant psychological humiliation/degradation (minimal- during consenting play- is fine), or bodily functions as sexual activities.

Other than the limits mentioned above, I will consider all other books, especially any and all combinations of partnerships (Queer submissions? Yes, please!). Also, I am not particularly squeamish with explicit language (bring on the dirty talk) or violence if it doesn't violate my hard limit. I have a soft spot for contemporary paranormal that has a ménage angle, but don't let that stop you from submitting because I also love... cowboys, all uniforms, medical, rockstars, sci-fi, two people, three people, more people, swing, orgies, polyamory, kink, straight-up erotica, surprise baby, male bi rep, sexualities of all kinds, bikers, mafia, and... everything. And seriously, the more boundaries pushed, the better.


Full disclosure, I have a tough time with historical. Not that I wouldn't accept it, but it would need a kinky angle. 

Book Review Submission Information

If you would like to submit book for review or if you have a question, please send an e-mail through my contact page with the following information:

  • Title

  • Author Name

  • Publisher Name (or enter "Self Published")

  • Subgenre of Romance

  • Number of Pages or Word Count

  • Buy Link

  • Blurb/Synopsis

If you are looking for an advanced review, let me know that, too. Please do not send books unless I request a copy. This is because I work off a list and cannot guarantee a review for all submissions. 

Review Philosophy

What happens if I don't like a book? Here's my "5 lips" system:

                                   - LOVED IT (recommending it without prompting)


                                   - REALLY LIKED IT (would recommend it, if asked)


                                   - LIKED IT 


                                   - DID NOT REALLY LIKE IT 


                                   - SORRY, BUT NOPE, NOT FOR ME




I will not publish a review lower than 2 lips. As a reader who is also a writer, I know tastes and styles vary widely and I'm not really interested in tearing books I don't like apart. I'd rather spend time recommending books with thoughtful, honest reviews. I'm not here to be overly critical. I'm here to give back to a community that has embraced me, first as a reader, and now, as an author. There are plenty of spaces where books get the full critical breakdown. This space is not it.   

If I decide that your book falls in the lower section of my rating scale, I will send you an email and let you know. 

Thanks for considering me for your novel! I look forward to hearing from you.



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